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Miami “ October 3, 2014

The Miami-Dade State Attorney Office and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement`s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) announce the arrest of Three Hungarian nationals Gabor Acs, Viktor Berki and Andras Janos Vass as principles in a criminal enterprise which lured young gay Hungarian men to the United States with the promise of quick, easy and legal cash. Instead, the targeted young men, ages 20-22, found themselves prostituting and performing sex acts in front of a webcam to enrich Acs, Berki, and Vass.

The overall attractiveness of our South Florida area is equally attractive to sex traffickers, stated State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. These individuals may have come from a different country to exploit the vulnerable but they used the same basic trafficker tools of fear and intimidation to make their profits. HSI`s law enforcement partnership with Dade prosecutors should send all traffickers a loud and clear message that we will not tolerate their actions here.

This case serves as a reminder that sex trafficking is not limited to any particular race, gender, age or sexual orientation, said Alysa D. Erichs, special agent in charge of HSI Miami. I commend the State Attorney`s Office for their support of HSI`s aggressive campaign to stop human trafficking happening right here in our community.

Homeland Security Investigations began investigating this situation on October 26, 2013, when the HSI Tip Line received information that three males in Miami Beach were possible victims of human trafficking. Originally landing in New York City and engaging in prostitution there, the three Hungarian nationals were relocated to Miami Beach by Acs, Berki, and Vass. While on Miami Beach, these young men prostituted themselves and performed for as many as 18-20 hours a day. All payments went to Acs, Berki and Vass.

Once interviewed, the victims revealed that their traffickers used various techniques to keep them enslaved, including isolating them from others, withholding their travel and identification documents, and using financial manipulation to keep them in constant debt. Specifically, the victims indicated that they were rarely allowed to leave their shared apartment and they were told it was because they could not speak English and were not familiar with the area. Acs, Berki and Vass also took the victims` identification documents and locked them in a safe. All communication with family members in Hungary was closely monitored by Acs and Berki. The three men indicated that they had been threatened, psychologically intimidated and had experienced levels of violence at the hands of Acs, Berki, and Vass. All three indicated fear for the safety of their families in Hungary since Berki claimed to have been a police officer in Hungary and maintained connections there. Additionally, Acs, Berki, and Vass had their family information readily available from the documents needed to come to America

31 year old GABOR ACS, 28 year old VIKTOR BERKI and 24 year old ANDRAS JANOS VASS aka JANOS ANDRAS VASS are each being charged with:

RICO/ Racketeering 1st Degree Felony

Racketeering Conspiracy 1st Degree Felony

Human Trafficking of an Adult (3 counts) 1st Degree Felony

Deriving Support from Prostitution 3rd Degree Felony

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