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Miami – May 1, 2019

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office and Miami-Dade Police Department announce the arrest and charging of Devir Dehry, the owner of a property located at 26700 SW 182nd Avenue in Miami, Florida with:

  • 20 Counts – Cruelty to Animals – 3rd-Degree Felony
  • 42 Counts – Abandonment of Animals without Food and Shelter – 1st-Degree Misdemeanor
  • 2 Counts – Abandonment of Animals without Sufficient Food, Water or Air – 1st-Degree Misdemeanor

These charges result from events arising from a December 27, 2018 call to the Miami-Dade Police Department regarding a dispute between a landlord, Mr. Dehry, and his tenant. Both parties were at the 26700 SW 182nd Avenue property when the police arrived.

The tenant indicated that he was the caretaker for all the animals at the property and lived there. Dvir Dehry is the landlord and owner of the property and of all the animals on the property. The tenant invited the officers onto the property to view the conditions of the animals. Mr. Dehry also accompanied the police officers.

Many of the hundreds of domestic farm animals observed on the site showed clear signs of physical distress. Over two dozen animals were observed limping by members of the Miami-Dade Police Agricultural Patrol. Some of the police observations included:

  • A small white goat was unable to bear weight on either hind leg. To walk, he briefly hopped on one hind leg. This gave him the appearance of doing handstands as he walked. Even when resting, the goat would not place any weight on his left, hind foot. He was later found to have severe hoof rot.
  • A white and black sheep was unable to bear weight on either front leg. To move, she leaned on her front knees and pushed herself forward. Because she was unable to walk, she could not reach the wading pools of water or the feed. This sheep resorted to drinking the urine of another sheep in order to get water. Her claws were extremely long and turned up. Hoofed animals naturally wear down their hooves by walking. The length of the claws indicated she had not walked in months.
  • A black goat with brown and white was suffering from severe hoof rot. He could not put any weight on his hind foot, and was limping on other feet. His injuries required him to be euthanized.
  • Multiple animals had visible hip, rib and back bones protruding. One white sheep with black ticking and a black head had severely overgrown feet. Her ribs, spine, and hips protruded several inches. She also suffered from severe conjunctivitis which caused the eyes to swell and produce puss.

When questioned, Mr. Dehry stated he would not pay for veterinary care when he could purchase a new animal for a less money. He stated the vet would just tell him to put the animal down. The subject felt it was better to leave the animal untreated.

On numerous occasions, the tenant indicated that he had advised Mr. Dehry about the need for medical care for the animals. The tenant further indicated that no medical care had been provided to the animals while he was living at the property.

The following day (December 28, 2019), MDPD Police personnel, South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Personnel, Miami Dade Animal Services Department Personnel and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Zachary Franklin returned to the property. Within 48 hours, 19 animals were removed for immediate medical care. All animals removed were unable to bear weight on at least one leg or were emaciated and judged to be in immediate danger of dying from starvation. By January 3, 2019, a total of two hundred and six (206) animal were removed from the property.

“The allegations are that Devir Dehry intentionally did not want to seek out veterinarian services that he knew were needed, that he was told were needed, that he did not believe in veterinarian services for these animals” said Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. “I am very proud of the difficult and exhaustive work by my prosecutors Melissa Sandness and Chief Assistant Kathleen Hoague, Detectives from the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Agricultural Patrol, South Florida SPCA, and Miami-Dade Animal Services Department that led to the rescue of numerous animals suffering from absolute neglect”.

After all the animals had been properly evaluated, 4 had to be euthanized. One llama died due to starvation and 60 animals have required extensive medical treatment for their injuries. Among the variety of medical problems afflicting the animals, all were severely infected with parasites that required immediate medical attention.


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