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Statement of Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle

In Support of the Proposed IRP/ICP

Good morning Madam Chairwoman and Vice-Chair, Board of County Commissions, Mayor Gimenez, and staff. My name is Katherine Fernandez Rundle and I am here to speak on behalf of Commissioner Barbara Jordan’s proposal to reinstitute Miami-Dade County’s IRP/ICP.

As you know, my office investigates officers who cross the line, betray the community’s trust, and violate the law. While the vast majority of officers are good, honest, and hard-working people who place their lives on the line for us each and every day, there are some who are not worthy of carrying the badge. Sometimes, there is conduct or misconduct that needs to be addressed before an excessive and unnecessary use of force and potential tragedy occurs.

During my tenure, my office has prosecuted hundreds of police and correctional officers for criminal conduct. But, I can only do so much. I cannot do anything about non-criminal misconduct and people need a place to air their grievances.

During the past few weeks, many people from throughout our community have taken to the streets and advocated for increased police accountability in largely peaceful and non-violent protests.  I listened to their cries for help and took them to heart.

An active, inclusive, and fully-funded IRP will be an important step in answering those calls. Restoring the public’s trust in our police departments must start with providing sufficient transparency to let those who feel victimized by a police action have an additional chance to tell their story and hold the police, our police, accountable.

I enthusiastically support, as I have for years, the proposed Independent Review Panel and look forward to working with them for the betterment of our community. We helped the City of Miami in establishing their CIP, and I commit myself and my office to assist you, going forward, in any way we can.

Thank you.


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