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1. Can you help me if I have an existing child support order?

If there already is a court order for child support and medical insurance, we use the full force of the law to enforce that order. If there is no court order, we will use legal proceedings to establish child support and medical support obligations.

2. How do I obtain a child support order?

The appointment letter that is sent to you lists the documents you must bring to your interview. Detailed financial information is needed from you and the non-custodial parent to establish a support case. You will need to provide a written explanation if certain information cannot be obtained. You must also give us specific information about any other legal case involving your child, no matter what kind of case it is or was. We will be able to process your case more quickly if you bring all documents and information requested of you.

3. How long does it take to obtain an order?

If the location of the non-custodial parent is known, the case will be filed and the non-custodial parent will receive copies of the documents you signed, including your financial affidavit. A court date is scheduled after we know that the NCP has in fact been served with the paperwork on the case. We cannot guarantee a time frame for a court date, since every case is different. Factors, such as opposing counsel, request for paternity tests, or the need for certified copies of existing support orders may delay the final results. An order may be obtained in as little as three months, or as long as one year.

4. How much child support will be ordered?

The amount ordered is based on the Florida guidelines established by law which take into account the child’s needs and the income of both parents. Day care and health insurance costs are also considered.

Once an order is entered, it is usually for current child support, medical insurance, and perhaps other issues such as retroactive support. An Income Deduction Order is usually granted in every hearing, so that payments may be deducted directly from the NCP’s paycheck.


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