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Victims’ Compensation

Dear Citizen:

The criminal justice process is dependant on citizen involvement for it to work. The system would fail without each and every one of you taking an interest in your community. From reporting to prosecuting, the participation of victims of crime or witnesses to one is critical to the functioning of our system of justice.

This brochure will help you understand how the justice system works, what your involvement would be and what services are available to assist you. It will attempt to answer questions that you may have and explain the procedures that will be followed in your case. Keep this brochure handy and refer to it.

During your involvement, you will be working with an Assistant State Attorney (prosecutor) and a Victim Witness Counselor or Trial Coordinator. They will keep you advised as the case progresses and you may contact them at any time if you have any questions.

Nothing takes the place of personalized and individual contact by a person who may be able to help you. In Miami-Dade County, I am pleased to tell you about a service called VAN, Victim Access Network. VAN is a service available to you to help supplement that personal touch, giving you up-to-date information about your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I hope that you find this service helpful.

I am committed to developing a Miami-Dade County environment free of fear and violence where all of you and your children can flourish. But if you are touched by crime, I will insure that your pleas and concerns do not go unheeded. The personal, emotional, and financial wounds inflicted upon you must receive the necessary care and attention.

Other Victim Assistance Programs

The website links below provide information and assistance for victims and their families. Since these links are not under our control, any questions must be addressed directly to them.


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