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County Court 

  1. Crimes/DUI

 This experience will involve the handling of criminal traffic and misdemeanor cases under the supervision of the County Court Division Chief.  Trials are set during the mornings in this Division.   Jury trials, however, will carry over into the afternoon.  Your school schedule should ideally allow you to be in our office at least 3 full, back-to-back days each week.

  1. Domestic Crimes

The Domestic Violence Division of County Court is comprised of three courts of special jurisdiction.  These 3 courts handle all misdemeanor battery, violation of injunction, assault and stalking charges in Miami-Dade County that occur between people who are married, separated, living together as a family, have children together or are related.

Practice in this division requires exceptional communication skills, as there is intense and substantial victim and witness contact.  There is special emphasis on case investigation and preparation due to the nature of the crimes committed and the relationship between all parties involved.  In addition to jury trials, Certified Legal Interns will be able to participate in bench trials, report calendars, probation violation hearings and motion practice.  Interns must possess exceptional organizational and analytical skills.  Ideal candidates are those who are sensitive to domestic violence issues.

Trial calendars are Mondays through Thursdays at 8:45 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.  Probation violation hearings are held on Fridays.  Ideal schedule should allow interns to work two consecutive days.


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