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Clinical Placement

Students who have completed two years of law school may be eligible for Florida Supreme Court Certification, which will allow them to participate in the State Attorney’s Office Clinical Program. In order to qualify for such certification, the student must receive credit for the program and must receive approval from the Dean of his/her law school to participate in such a program and to attain pre-graduation certification from the Florida Supreme Court.

Program students in the State Attorney’s Office can expect to be assigned to one of the following divisions in the office. To a great extent, your experience will depend on the number of hours you are available and how much flexibility you have with your schedule. Although minimum time requirements and recommended schedules for each division are listed as a guide for students, in order to facilitate training and to be available to try cases whenever they are set, you are encouraged to be available as many hours as possible.  Even if you are only able to devote 20 hours to the internship, it would be helpful if your classes are scheduled in the evening.

  1. Circuit Court – Juvenile Division
  2. County Court
  3. Circuit Court – Criminal Division
  4. Child Support

Students will receive orientation in the resources and functions of the State Attorney’s Office and the other agencies involved in the criminal justice system.  They will also receive training and/or training materials regarding professional responsibility and ethics, relations with victims and other witnesses, Judges, court personnel, police officers and the public, and in the practice and procedures of the various courts.  There are periodic training sessions in the office for further instruction in case preparation, criminal law and trial practice.  There will also be the opportunity for general discussion of daily problems and their solutions.

The experience gained through the Program is given considerable weight if a clinical program student applies for post-graduation employment with this office.  However, even if a student does not eventually join one of the agencies involved in the criminal justice system, an assignment in this office as a clinical student offers the unique opportunity to become familiar with the operation of the criminal justice system.

Applicants are subject to a criminal background check and clearance prior to acceptance.  Therefore, it is necessary that the application provided by the Clinical Internship Coordinator be returned without delay to facilitate placement.

Click here for PDF of Clinical Placement Overview


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