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Circuit Court-Criminal Division

This experience will involve research and assistance in trial preparation for one of the felony division level attorneys.  While the student may sit as second counsel of most cases that go to trial; he/she may serve as lead counsel on certain cases designated by his/her supervising attorney.  Calendars are heard at 9:00 a.m. and trials can be heard in the late morning or in the afternoon on any day of the week.  It is, therefore, not possible to recommend a schedule for students.  However, a combination of mornings and full afternoons is usually best.  In order to be able to participate in trials as much as possible, it is also necessary that students assigned to the Felony Division have some flexibility in their scheduling.  Assignment to this division will not afford as much courtroom time as County Court or Juvenile, since trial weeks for the respective supervising attorneys are scheduled every three weeks.  There will be more case preparation time in this division than in County Court or Juvenile.


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